Change and the New Government

For all the people with a vehicles or have cause to drive at some point, the state of the roads have been very bad. Even the okada riders have their shocks going bad.

In the recent state of events in the country, elections and all, the citizens of Nigeria have all been waiting. Waiting for the much awaited CHANGES we have all been promised.

The times are gone when you only family members sharing a motorcycle (Okada) it has become the norm. The extent of which one can even find Alhaja’s & Alhaji’s sharing bikes with opposite sex of which they are sitting in the middle.

Standards / cost of living, health is so high, yet we don’t get the proper returns.

Can you imagine, living across from Swansea Lake and during Summer, someone plants a big tree outside your window to block your view of the beautiful scenery?

The bad roads from Sabo to Alagbole/Akute (wide ditches in the road enough to swallow the entire front leg of a trailer) , Akute via Denro to Berger (Carpenter construction of a bridge which floods once there is a little rain).
Even Napep’s have issues navigating the roads, so do the motorcycle riders.

On a daily basis, people’s clothes get dirty on the way to work.

That is not even the worst of it. Today, Saturday the  20th June 2015, rain fell half of the day and the river overflowed to the little patch of terrible roads where canoes had to be deployed to pass, okada riders fell into the water with the passengers, cars has water get to their windows, drinking gulps of water and stopped mid-stream, vans and buses had to offload their passengers no matter how little into the water just to ensure a lighter weight to move.

In the frame of mind that the past elections is what prevented the state government (which people were praising before on the commencement of repairs) from completing the roads because they were not sure of being re-elected.


Others thought it was that they had exhausted the budget. However, it is almost a month since the elections have passed, and since the Governor has not been changed, why has the construction not been continued. The hopes and dreams for a better state of our roads is starting to diminish as even myself had to wade through the disgusting water to get to work.

A big shame really as this roads are the major roads linking Ogun and Lagos states in the interior.

Governors, please let us see the much awaited ‘CHANGE’ which we have been promised, and not abandoned projects and streams in place of major roads.
#OgunState #Change #BetterNigeria #Government #Road


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