2017 The Trump Card 

….. And do it’s been a while I have written here,  for some many reasons but I’m back. 
The Trump Card….. 
When Donald Trump decided to run for office, he was like a bull with a rider. Hitting people where it hurt the most. His insults from dissing his competition, to countries he had targeted earned his major scores with white supremacists, elderly Americans, the plain ass racists, and gang bangers. 

You see when foreigners enter another man’s land, he just wants to make a quick buck and head home but then he gets too comfortable after a while,staying on for much longer than planned as he is accommodated. 

America is a no-mans land as argued about. The originals are red Indian. Chased away from their homes and lands to make way for the free man’s land,  sorry who are these white/rednecks claiming ownership? 
Basically, to me America is supposed to be able to accept all and sundry as long as you follow the rules of the Land. 
Anyway, Where do I begin: yes! The Trump Card,  before I forget and continue rambling. 

You see, Africans, Asians, South American, your cases are special as we all have a unique color of skin soft easy identification. Donald Trump is the president and there is nothing you can do to change that. 

  The president that America deserves is at the helm, sorry you either accept or Accept it. To Donald Trump, America is a business he has recently acquired and he would not allow any employees to misbehave. It must be a successful transition after all he now “owns” America. 

Ask me oh. Question!


People have likened him to Hitler some when he begins to ask for the skin of year blacks for polish, don’t be surprised that some whites would the black polish. 
Wafi people no dey carry last. Una no fit reach house from Yankee dull yourselves, them go tiff una join your load ask you to bail yourself. 
Don’t get me started on idile Iya silifa. Won o bi Iya Baba anybody awa na ni Ile. See person with 4tribal marks forming I omo Onile for Lagos. 
Now imagine what and how most of the elderly people who are in support of Trump feel. The feel the “aliens” are taking over. 

Black Americans, Hispanics in the suburbs shooting at each other for drugs and weed produced by others or themselves, fighting for what they know not. As they opened their eyes and Trump played his card. 

The koko of my story, if you are based in The US don’t travel back home except you are ready to loose all the “isu” that you planted there. Else follow my advise. 
Buy landed property with your dollars/other currency while it is still high against the naira, you never know when you may be deported or prevented from entering the US for no reason, loosing all you have worked for to “The Americans”. Before Donal Trump,  produces another Trump Card. 

   We have our own New York City and California,  those who have been to Lekki, Ajah, Victoria Island, Banana Island, Bonny Island etc know we have beautiful places with good roads power supply. 

Contact me if you are in need of any such investment

……. You never know oh….  

Especially those of you who have been there for less than 10years. This applies to Nigerians in other countries too. 

#winks #invest #beWise #BuildNigeria #iBuildNigeria4Us
{yesso this image is of Trump is telling Kanye, “you better search for your African roots, because once I win,  I would send you and your family back to the ***” and 

Kanye says “Say wah! I gat me a .48 in my back pocket imma bust ya mouth before the election ” 

And Trump adds,  “you would see it happening and play to the gallery”}

Obama never anticipated seeing this drama in the first “100days” future of America 

abeg we need this binoculars to look into the future of Nigeria, Buhari is doing zero action mode while things are getting from bad to worse. 
…letting my imagination run wild here hahaha


I Give UP!!

    The drum roll of life,
People talk…….  The empty words……… scorptastic

Why can’t love, mean Love?

Why can’t there be a compromise?

She gives up her former life;
Why can’t you give up philandering?

Why must “Love” mean sex?
With many not understanding the words they speak…..

Why can’t we just be together?
No barriers held. Not religion, not ethnicity, nor family!!!

Why must she ask for money all the time?
Do *I* resemble The Central Bank?

Why can’t you Love me the way I am?
Must I become *someone else* to be with you?

Why must he lie, “I have a Prado, work in Oil n Gas” to get your attention?

Why can’t he/she be Satisfied?
With one lover? “Is sex food?” or must *the other* catch so many STI’s before you STOP?

Why can’t we be contented?
… and grow together, upwards as each others support!!

         ” My Love ;;) let’s walk the beach together, sand in our toes and watch the sun go down”

       “Sugar plum, let’s look into each others eyes and need not words to explain.

           “Sweetheart, can I wake up to the smell of *breakfast in bed* Is that too much to ask for? 

       “Baby, it’s been a long day! Can you give me a massage?

Oh Scorptastic!Scorptastic!!!

Wake up and smell the coffee!!!


               Love this beautiful isn’t for the fainthearted, Only the strong can weather this lightening and Storm.


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Valentines Day ….. headless chickens

This picture says uhmm.
The madness associated with it all …….

So its a day to the very anticipated valentine and some people (lots actually) are running around like headless chickens.

Yes, I just said that, sue me. Its not that people shouldn’t show love but, like @chazb_lifeissues said “show love just because”

It doesn’t have to be your “boyfriend” or “girlfriend” just show love.

How did I remember valentine was in days….. Guess what?? I had to go shopping for essentials and I saw ONE shop looking ‘bloody Red’ yup, with dangling hearts and Red ‘everything’ I embarrassed myself by standing infront of the shop, staring with my mouth WIDE OPEN.

I had to report myself to my sister and a bunch of others that evening and then another story began of what to ……… Dont ask *grins*

Yes, I confess to that crime. I guess the shock was the color and realizing Valentine was in days.
I remember when I was in school and some of us would sit and count the ‘headless chickens’ (people delivering gifts or congratulating the gifted) running past.

Well its another valentines day in less than 24hours so I wish you a love-full day.

Some will get shot by cupids arrow, goodluck 😛
For those who will get proposed to, congratulations.
Those who will get cars, ehrrm send me one *winks*.
Those getting teddy bears, I need a big one on my bed,
Oh and the best part, Chocolates hmm yum yum.

I can imagine @derinonline rolling his eyes to all this, LMAO.
Have fun everyone and love yourself first, but dont be vain

Oh and PS: visit some motherless babies homes or SOS Villages, give someone something you see they need not because they owe you, just “BECAUSE”

…….. And order cakes, gifts and more from Heavens Cakes 😀

Climbing thLadder

Climbing the Ladder.

The ladder be,
Long and sturdy.
The climber sees,
The start of the unending.

The look distressing,
The work looks depressing.
Effort consuming,
Tiring to do.

The ladder of Life,
The ladder of Hope.
The longed for distance
We all hope to reach.

For hard as it may seem,
There be others before you,
Looking up to them,

Hope you should get.
For looking down the ladder,
You see those behind you.
Progress you have made.

And upon your trials,
Upon your tribulations,
Do you see,
The longed for hope,
Of the Ladder of Life.

The Arms outstretched
The distant spark,
Waiting just for you.

Upon reaching the next rank,
Everything be alright,
Be convinced, only when you TRY.

Xoxo…………….. Scorptastic

Thief in the Night… Diamonds

Like a thief in the night,
You stole my heart.

Like the best archer in the world,
You met with your target.

Oh Cupid’s archer,
The best of them all.
You pierced my heart.

Our love is like magic,
You broke the ice.
Of many storeys high.

White and hard,
Like the best of diamonds.

But love so pure,
It glows pure from your soul.

Life deals us rocks,
You turned mine to diamonds.

The love and Magic,
Like all things good,
Need to be oiled
For continuous warmth.

Happiness is progressive
Success is progressive,
And so is love
When treated right

Love, like a flower,
Is beautiful and blossoms,
with dedicated attention.

Xoxo_…….. Scorptastic