Yes Boss!!

Hmm im sure we have all said that so many times even when you decide to be your own boss. It must have taken alot of Yessirs to get there. We just have to grease peoples ego along the way while climbing up the ladder in life. Some consider it a requirement or else they would not help.
   I had some experiences with different people in various works of life and i realized most people would react the same way. Or wouldn’t you? When given some little amount of power, have you misused it? Have you walked all over people coz you are the boss??
   WHAT EXACTLY DEFINES WORK? How are you gauged to be doing your job? Is it when your boss is coming that you decide to hide the job hunt sites you have been searching? or the movies you are watching? Now as for me, i dont have a problem with peole watching movies and all during office hours as long as your job does not suffer for it.
In scenarios where you do a lot of computer work and there is no leisure time on the eyes and brain you end up stressed out.
  Now there are people like me who ensure they finish their jobs in time and start to feel sleepy. What are we then supposed to do when all work for the day or that period is finished. Sleep off, well yes if there you are tired or watch movies or read a novel and get refreshed. No BOSS ordinarily should be angry about that coz many of them did that in their day anyway, so what is the big deal?? The POWER gets to their heads and they start to misbehave(bossing people around while not doing much work and even when they do, they just believe they need to put people under stress).
Have you ever seen some of these security guards trying to show you they have power and you cant do but let them have their way till you get past them. hmm

   As a boss, when last have you commended your staff? Sent them gifts on their birthday or even a birthday card(that is if you even know it), have you ever gone out of their way to help your staff in need of just because…… Hmm

 Take the time to be nice. You never know when you might need them and woe betide you if you haven’t been nice and the person has been looking for a way to revenge. Just think of  begging or being at your subordinates mercy once in a while. It would put you in perspective…..

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