The Truth

The Truth
Telling lies,
Spinning yarns,
Spinning a web,
It binds you tight.

Building a rocket,
Weapons of mass destruction
You name it,
They destroy you.

We hear the lies,
Yet choose to see the Truth.
The words spoken,
They implicate you.

The mouth wide,
All ears standing with attention,
Word confessions drooling,
Long and continuous.

The face is smiling,
Telling you to Trust.
As plain as the nose on one’s face,
Its clear for all to see.

Whilst the lips and eyes,
Tell another tale.
Not an eyelid is bat,
The verdict set.

Lies cannot be kept,
They cannot be hidden.
The whisper of the Truth floats around,
For all concerned to see.

The Truth,
As plain as day.
Bright as a sun-spark in the dark night.
Nowhere to Run,
Yet everyone to visit.

Its feet hurt,
Hanging in the balance.
To lie or to tell the Truth.
The verdict unknown,

It will have its day in court.
The truth shall set you free.
Stay true, especially to yourself


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